Diving Log Touch Update (version 1.2)

While I’m working currently mainly on a new online logbook sync for the desktop version (more about that soon), I’ve completed another update for Diving Log Touch. It brings location and maps functionality, which is especially great on a tablet device. Diving Log Touch has now the dive site maps functionality, you already have in the desktop and phone version. It is using also the location service to capture your current position into the dive site details. Unfortunately most of the current devices don’t have GPS and just use WiFi triangulation, which is not very accurate.

Map of all your dive sites with coordinates

When you tap the new “Map” tile in the navigation bar on the main screen, you get into the new full screen map, which shows all your dive sites with GPS coordinates. When you tap on a dive site you’ll see the label with the name, tap again on the label to navigate into the site details. You can also search for dive site names and use the location service to get basic navigation functionality (distance to selected dive site, speed, course, etc.), similar to that function on Windows Phone on the right.

Editing of the dive site coordinates

When editing dive sites, you can now capture your current position into the coordinate fields. The lat/lon editor is now also optimized for touch keyboards with split text fields. The dive site view got also its own little map control, which just shows the current selected dive site. The view is interactive, which means you can zoom in and out and change the map mode. When you tap on the flag icon, it will navigate to the full screen map and zoom into the current selected dive site.

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