Diving Log Touch – View Modes

Windows 8 apps don’t run only in full screen landscape view, they have to support also a number of other view states. One of them is of course the portrait view with the device turned 90°. In this view, the dive list on the left and the navigation bar on the right are not visible:

Instead you can see the controls on the left and right side of the content pane. The arrow buttons navigate to the previous or next list item, the rectangle will show the list or the nav bar in a popup control. The touch targets are bigger than the visible indicators, so you can easily touch them with your finger, even though the buttons look a bit tiny (the touchable area expands into the content pane).

Windows 8 can also show two apps side by side, where one app is snapped on one side and the other app is displayed in a wider filled view. Below you can see Diving Log snapped on the left (with the web browser on the right). When you tap on a dive shop, the shop details show up. Tap the back button to get back to the list.

The filled state is wider than the snapped view, but smaller than full screen, so the layout adjusts automatically to fit better into the available space:

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