Tag your dive data with QR Codes

QR Codes has become very popular, because they can be scanned easily with any smartphone or tablet. They can contain all kind of data, e.g. links, emails, geo locations or contact information. I’ve integrated QR code support deeply into Diving Log, which makes it very easy to share certain logbook data with your buddies, even when they do not use an electronic dive log. QR codes can be either displayed on-screen or printed together with your logbook data. To view and scan a QR code right from the screen, just click the little icon you can find behind some text fields:

Contact details from a dive shop

If you want to call a phone number from your logbook which is not in your contacts on the phone, just scan the phone QR tag to call the number. To get a geo location tag from the dive site coordinates, click the menu item from the little dropdown arrow:

Geo Location Tag

You can also integrate several QR tags into the report designer in Diving Log. You can include a GPS tag on each dive, to quickly scan a dive site position and display it in Google Maps on an iPad, for example. Or you can add a tag with your contact details on top of each logbook page. Here you can download a sample PDF from the Diving Log print function with 3 different QR codes. For printing, I recommend a minimum size of 15 mm for the QR code image (make sure to keep the aspect ratio).

QR Codes in the Report Designer

Please note, not all QR scanner apps can handle all codes. It is possible that some apps cannot display a geo location tag on a map, for example. Here you can see a quite powerful scanner app on an iPad, which was able to read all Diving Log tags:

QR Code Scanner

You can try this feature yourself in the next few days, when version 5.0.7 will be released.

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